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Why Choose Roark Ranches

If you could take a consultant with you on your next buying or selling experience on a ranch that was a current cattle rancher, current ranches owner, ranch capital investment company owner, current wildlife manager, former professional hunter and hunting business owner, wind farm developer, that just happen to be a licensed realtor, you would have just described Jason Roark.

My family has been ranchers in Texas for over 100 years. I personally own ranch land and am currently a cattleman, avid hunter and fisherman, and am on ranches pretty well all over Texas buying selling or helping work cattle. I owned a hunting business in Texas, Oklahoma, and New Mexico for over 10 years and have been heavily involved in wildlife and fish management for almost 30 years so I can put a fairly accurate number on what you should expect your ranch to have and produce over time.

I also have crews currently that can make any improvements to the property you buy or the one you are about to sell, from food plots to lakes, fences, barns, entrances, bridges, and roads.

It is very easy to make mistakes when buying or selling a ranch. I’ve made a few of those mistakes over the years and I can tell you one thing for sure regarding ranch buying and selling, the value of having a dog that has been in the fight for a long time is invaluable.

My job is to keep you from making a mistake whether buying or selling. Typically these are large transactions and a mistake can be overwhelming, from boundaries to mineral rights, to easements, waterways, water rights, wind rights, existing leases and right of ways, there is a ton to know. We don’t get in a hurry making sure you are getting what you think you are getting.

I will be the person you deal with in my business. I try to keep an inventory manageable in number of ranches and proximity so I can give everyone the attention they deserve.

I look forward to your call and getting to see what you need.


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About the Owner

Jason Roark

Mission Statement:

Dedicating every effort to ensure the buyer and the seller involved in every transaction are pleased with the results.

About Me:

Owning a ranch can be one of the most enjoyable experiences in a person’s life and so can selling one. Selling a ranch can be great economical gain, give you the ability to up or downsize with no tax implications, and more. Navigating these possibilities ineffectually can be stressful and taxing, literally.

I can help you take on the exciting steps of selling or purchasing a ranch thanks to my past personal and professional experience. I have:

  • Bought and sold ranches for the past 20 years.
  • Purchased my first ranch in 2000 in Wilbarger county.
  • Created and currently own a cattle company, J.A. Cattle Co., for many years.
  • Professional and personal knowledge of what a cattle ranch is capable of, and what it should look like.
  • Created and previously owned J. Roark Inc., a hunting business based primarily in New Mexico and Texas.
  • Leased and owned over 100,000 acres with J. Roark Inc.
  • Guided over 100 hunters a year.
  • Hands on experience in the hunting and fishing industry.
  • Game & fish management expertise.

What does that experience mean? Essentially, I understand cattle, farming, hunting, investing, land values, management techniques for wildlife and livestock, ranch refurbishing, and adding value to existing properties. It has been my experience that someone that is actively involved in those areas is far more valuable to the buyer and seller than just the average realtor. My job as your experienced realtor is to keep you from making mistakes and make the experience as enjoyable as possible when buying or selling a ranch.

I’m here to help you achieve your buying, selling, or investing ranch goals as smoothly as possible.

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Roark Ranches represents the finest properties in Texas.

Under the leadership of Jason Roark, who has been a real estate agent for more than 18 years, Roark Ranches specializes in farm, ranch, hunting and recreational properties.

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